You may bring anything for your fur babies to be happy but we also have EVERYTHING!!! Blankets , Bowls stainless steel, Beds, Potty Pads and food. We will keep your pets on your own feeding schedule any meds also. Everything washed and sanitized everyday, Big assortment of toys for play at day camp. Balls and frisbies for fetch.

Kennels are cleaned and sanitized every day!! We do NOT HOSE down the pens.

We have no tics or fleas or ants!!! We keep up on that but it is recommended that you frontline your pets prior to staying to help keep this under control.



Daily Visit

Over Night

Day camp babysitting



Call Us !


   Dog Boarding : $17.00 per night


    Cat boarding : $12.00 per night

     Day camp : $2.00 hr.

     or $12.00 all day (8am-5:00pm)

    Sat (8 to 4) Sun 9 to 11 and 2 to 4)

     Up to date vaccination  records

     required !!

    They are all walked every 2 hrs. Can play as long as they like

     in outdoor or indoor play area.